Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Always Thought I Was An Alien...

Last Friday I woke up and wasn't able to see clearly out of my left eye. And by not clearly I mean it was SUPER fuzzy and it stung and was awful. I couldn't get an apt with my eye doctor until Today *Tuesday* so I have had to deal with my crazy ass eye all weekend.

Now let me give you a bit of a back story of the life of my eyes. When I was 7 I finally got glasses, but my eye doctor then told my mom that I should have had glasses when I was 5. That would explain why I struggled with school and reading. My mom said I wanted to read so badly when I was younger and I couldn't for whatever reason that I would just cry and cry and cry. PS. Reading is my LIFE.

Fast forward through some years and we found out I have crazy retinas and they could detach at any moment. And if I didn't go straight to an eye surgen I could be blind forever. So I need to watch for a black vail coming across my vision.

A few more years and I started getting sparkles if the pressure in my eyes change. They don't know why my eyes do that and they don't know what to do about it. Lets just hope it doesnt mean I'm about to die or whatnot.

Then fastforward to last year and I went in complaining about eye pain and dryness and found out I have severe dry eye. And I had scratched eyes because of blinking. The eye doctor ended up putting these plug things into my tear ducts to help me create more tears. I also was given special drops to heal the eyes.

And then finally fast forward to today. I went in and he took more pictures. He showed me my eye and you can see these tiny green dots...RIGHT in my line of sight. Hence...the vision problems. He believes that I sleep with my left eye open. And gave me more drops to heal it. I go back next week to check everything out again. I may end up having to wear special goggles every night that are filled with moisture or something and keeps my left eye moist while I sleep.

So what does this all mean? I think I'm an alien and never knew it. And I come from a moist planet and therefore Earth is to dry for me. Also I can start wearing steampunk costumes and my new "eye gear" and be all awesome and steampunk.

AND I can tell The Bloggess thebloggess.com that her cat probably just has dry eye syndrome and she needs a special pair of goggles to wear while sleeping.

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