Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fairy Tales: Congrats! Its a BOY!

Fairy Tales: Congrats! Its a BOY!: Ummm...WTF Blogger...why are you all weird and freaky? I don't know if I like you yet. On another note I went to class on Tuesday and foun...

Congrats! Its a BOY!

Ummm...WTF Blogger...why are you all weird and freaky? I don't know if I like you yet.

On another note I went to class on Tuesday and found out that apparently my restaurant that I'm working a boy restaurant. Yeah...not sure how I feel about that. My Chef-teacher-person thinks that like boats, restaurants have personality's too. And apparently mine is a boy.

Mine is "in" San Diego. And is totally based around Comic Con and is super awesome and named Orion and is all sci-fi space themed and so cool. And I'm a girl y'all. Girls can like that shit too you know!!!! So I think  my restaurant is an awesome spiffy Geeky Girl. So there world...there you go.

On another note I am awaiting on baited breath for Avengers to come out. Why do you ask? Iron Man? Yeah he's cool, and kick ass and I love him. Thor. HOT! Of course. But not him. Cap.America. I think I'll like him better in this movie then his own. The Hulk...not sure. Its a new Hulk. We'll see. Hawkeye. I don't know enough about him. Black Widow. HELL NO! I HATE whats her name who plays her. If the rest of the cast was not SO AWESOME I would so NOT be seeing this movie because of her. Umm...yeah. I'm ALL FOR LOKI!

Yes. Thats right. I'm a Rebel Jedi and yet I turn to the Dark Side as far as Avengers goes. Because I freakin LOVE Loki. He's awesome and kick-ass and the man who plays him has truly made me a believer in the bad. I mean I have never REALLY gone to the dark side before. But now I would give my left hand for him to win the movie. But not really because I burnt my left hand and it was really hard to live with that...but I would be SO happy if he won. But I'm sure he wont.

Sorry for this rambly post!

Friday, April 20, 2012

I Burnt Myself and Then Epic Things Happened...Hunger Games Epic

Yup. I burnt the shit out of my finger. My finger that two years ago I sliced open. So now I will have a scar from a slice *I was cutting a potato* and now I was making a cake and will have a scar from a cake. ON THE SAME FINGER Y'ALL!!! Its my left pointer finger. Whatever the hell that finger is called.

How did it happen? The burn I mean. I was making cake...because who DOESN'T want cake? And I'm a baker! So I can make EPIC CAKES without trying. Unless I go to check the cake to see if its done, and then forget I have no oven mitt and PUSH the pan back in with my fingers. And then I died. And ran around swearing like a sailor and scaring my cats.

So then like any normal person I told Facebook. And my awesome pinterest friends responded in an even more awesome Hunger Games way. THIS is why I love the internet and Pinterest and Facebook. And this is why we are all POP, Princesses and Princes of Pinterest...I.E. The MAFIA of Pinterest.

And my friends are awesome because we did this:

This is why we are awesome. And we WIN THE INTERNET!

Monday, April 2, 2012

One Last Quarter

Man, I'm a bad blogger. I just didn't blog for the last 3 months. Its been crazy, not to say that it wont be crazy for the next three months, because believe me. IT WILL! But I'll need something to do when I should be doing homework or doing the dishes *since my dishwasher broke*.

But yes, today is the start of the last quarter of my culinary school career. Am I freaking out? Yes. Because I have to do Capstone which from what I've seen from my friends who've taken it before me I will probably have a mental breakdown. And math, which I suck at. So there you go.

I AM excited about the last bit of Capstone where I get to showcase my pretty restaurant at an event and make tasty food for people who maybe could give me a job. But really its going to be more fun to make my booth all SORTS of awesome. I have already asked a friend of mine to paint the sign for me, and I've been buying small plates for my small bites and making all of my dishes to see what will be the best to make. Still haven't decided yet.

In other news my dishwasher broke, my christmas tree is still up, I'm probably drinking more then I should because of the freaking out and I may be going on a cruise in October! Hazaa for the last one. Also I have horrible allergies and I need to start working out if I AM going to be on a cruise in October. Because I want to look cute.

Also, I'm allergic to raw onions and garlic and maybe citrus, but I love all of those things and wont give them up so my face looks like I'm a teenager again with really bad acne. It kinda sucks.

So yeah, there you go. Wish me luck for the coming three months. I'll keep you posted. And here is a pretty picture of what the cover of my menu will look like! Hope you like it!