Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Smurf Cakes and Fairy Sugar

So the quarter is over...finally. It was a stressful 10 weeks, mentally stressful and physically. After the quarter I find myself looking back to who I was for those 10 weeks and wondering if I stayed true to myself. I don't think I did. At least not in some sense. I know that sounds weird, but I struggled with some people and how they spoke about other people. But I never stood up for what I believed in and thats kinda getting to me now. I don't know if I was right or not. I guess in this case its okay for how I was on a level of the world, but as for my own self...I feel as if I lost myself there for awhile.

Believe you me, I will NOT be doing that this quarter. Partly because I am a VERY different person when I cook then when I bake. So those people who I had issues with and never confronted them about it...well they will probably see a VERY different side of me. Lets hope they come prepared for who I truly am. I wont back down this time, I wont lock myself away. It wont be easy, but if anything in this life...I have to be myself.

BUT! Now to the fun stuff. The last two weeks was spent working on a 5-6 tier cake and pulling/blowing sugar sculptures. I was in one group with two awesome girls in cakes class and we created a Smurf cake. It was by no means easy, and I refuse to make wedding cakes in the future. Normal cakes are fine, but wedding cakes are so bloody annoying. Our Smurf cake was Epic, though it leaned slightly. It even had a shiny glass ball for the bad guy to look into as he stood in wait for smurfs.

I made the bridge *which apparently for some odd reason everyone LOVED!* I also made the Smurf house on the top.

Papa Smurf is kinda large compared to the house, but thats okay. We're not perfect YET! :-D

This is me as a Smurf. Those black dots are all of my tattoos. I have 25 ya'll. They are spiffy!

And in Chocolates class we created sugar sculptures. They were all supposed to be somewhat the same, but we could add/make whatever sort of flower that would be in the middle between two of the pieces. I was slightly annoyed with this because I thought we were all going to be able to go whatever kind of sculpture we wanted and I had mine all planned out! It was going to be this spiffy fairy and a half moon and stars and fun things. So, not only did I make a flower I also made a fairy. She is awesome!

This is my fairy made from pulled and blown glass.

And thats my final piece. It was super fun and if I could play with sugar all day long I so totally would. I would actually love to find this guy in NY who does sugar and chocolate classes. If I ever own my own bakery I would love to make a sugar sculpture every week. It would be so much fun!

I got all A's! Which is awesome. I missed two days in my cakes and chocolates class because of being sick and at midterm I had a D and an F. I was of course freaking out. When the classes finished and I looked online it looked like I had a B and a B-. I was TOTALLY okay with those grades, but I looked yesterday and HAZAA! Two A's! SO excited.

I will be taking Al Carte next quarter which is where we run our own restaurant and serve meals. There is an evil bitch teacher in that class, so you'll get to hear all about her. Also there is an awesome German teacher who works for the President as well. He's wonderful. So I am hot and cold about this class. And then I am taking a wine and beverage class where we are TOTALLY ASKED TO DRINK BEFORE CLASS! Yes. Thats right. We are encouraged *if 21 or over* to have a glass of wine before class to get our palate ready for wine tasty. How awesome is that?

Also, my tree is up. Its wonderful.


  1. I wish I could make the font size bigger in a comment because

    OH MY GOD, This is just insanely cool. This is perfect. Ok, so you don't think so, but seriously, this is so truly amazing! No wonder you got all A's!!

  2. YAY! Thank you!!! It was SO stressful! And I do like it. The Photo dept took pics of it but we haven't gotten those pics. I wish we did! I'll make sure to post those if they ever give them to me. It really was a lot of fun though! I dont know how people can do it in 8 hours on those tv shows. Its just crazy! :-D

  3. I am so thoroughly impressed with your sugar art. Colour me jealous that you can DO that!

  4. Hey, I forgot that my name appeared as Ata on my google account - I thought it would come up as the name I've used to post on your blog before (Lynellekw, I think). I seem to have some kind of identity issue, now.

  5. Its okay! Blogspot and Google sometimes hates me and I have many other names. So I totally understand!

    Thanks for the comment about the sugar art! It was SOOOO much fun. So frakin hot but fun! That fairy took forever to make though! Her poor skirt kept breaking! :-(