Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patricks Day

My cats decided to wake me up at 5:30 this morning. Thanks for that cats. My boy cat Jackson saw me move a TINY bit and started to cry a very PLANTIVE cry over and over again. Hearing this my girl cat decided she could come scare the shit out of me so I would get up and feed her. I was trying to ignore my boy cat because everyone says that your cats train these said cries...when really nothing is actually wrong. I know his "I'm scared and crying and something is wrong" cry, but I also know his "I'm bored, get up and move around so I am entertained. Then I will go to sleep while you stare blurry eyed at the news since I woke you up for no reason." Cry. So...long story short I was trying to ignore him...and then decided what the hell, he's been crying for 10 min. I know he wont stop. So I open my eyes and THERE is the girl cat...RIGHT IN MY FACE! I screamed. She was very sneaky and quiet about it. But she blinked up at me with her pretty little face and I know she was thinking. "God woman, don't YELL! I just want you to get up and feed my face!" It was funny afterwards, but here I am. Awake since 5:30.

But thats okay. Its St.Patricks DAY! YAY! I love a good holiday. Christmas is my favorite, then St.Patricks Day, the Halloween and finally Valentiens Day. I like the 4th of July as well...espically now that I live on the east coast where the sun goes down in July as opposed to staying up all night long and making it hard to see fireworks. Plus I have a KILLER spot on my balcony to watch the county's fireworks.

This St. Patricks Day I am doing it RIGHT! Later on I shall make scones, with Irish butter and homemade Jam. I already made the Jam, I just need to make the Scones. I brined a brisket for around 10 days to make Corned Beef. I also have cabbage. I don't know if I want Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner or Hash. Since I also have potatoes. I'm thinking the hash, because I love me some potatoes! I am also watching QVC almost the entire day until I finally watch Destination Truth over in Ireland on the Scifi Cannel *I will NEVER call it Syfy. Thats just dumb* So I'm super excited!

I am sadly not Irish though. I am actually Scottish, German and Alakan Native. But I am TRULY Irish at heart. I've been there on a school trip. Where I found my FAVORITE peice of jewelery which is currently locked in a bank valt. And my FAVORITE book: Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Mariller. Go find her. LOVE her books. They are amazing. Plus if I could I would marry an Irish man with an Irish accent in a New York Minute.

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

The world that changes...

As humans we live a very short life compared to some other things. We are the fruit fly of bugs. Just around for a little while, only to die from one thing or another.

With the earth quake in Japan it only furture ignites my ideals of what is to come. I am honostly part of a small group of people who believe that what goes around comes around. We have squandered what the world has given us. We no longer respect nature or the animals we only care for ourselves. I am among this a point. Life isn't easy. No one said it was. But as humans, a race that "seems" so far do we know that every moment is fleeting? That 10 minutes from now we will be gone, washed away by the tide or perhaps choking on a pretzel. No one is to know what fate will favor upon us...

I know for a fact that whatever or whoever speeds nature along, we are pawns compared to that sort of energy. We can never win. There is no question about it. My heart and soul go out to those people of Japan...or New Zeland...of Hatai...I come from Alaska so I know what an earthquake can portray. Its never a picnic. Its never something that we wish for. It is in fact one of the worst moments that we as humans, have experienced.

But as humans we should have more respect to something that sustains us. We will one day push it to the brink of death, therefore writing our own death warrent. Sadly, the US congress and senators seem to not care. They only are for the money...for the power. They are wrong. One day, something will hit US, as it does these other nations. That day I will wheep for those in pain and need, but laugh at those who knew but did nothing.

Life isn't easy. I hate to picture a world that is up and coming, but I know it is coming. I only hope that I am with my cats and my family and friends when it does.

My heart goes out to those who have seen tragedy in their life...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Re-Read what you just wrote dorkus!

Sorry for all of the issues in the last post. Next time I will re-read before I post!

The Claw

This is maybe a 3rd attempt at a Blog. I have been inspired by other to try again. 3rd times a charm right!? You never know. Maybe no one will read it. Maybe I will WIN the Internet or perhaps the world with my witty banter! You NEVER KNOW! So here we go again. I'll start with this...

I am HOPELESSLY obsessed with stuffed animals. I come from a rare breed of humans that BELIEVE stuffed animals have souls...think and feel. I do not blame Toy Story. I blame "The Velveteen Rabbit" By Margery Willams Bianco. She ruined it for me. I am a 28 year old woman-child. I go to a store and there is a stuffie that is without a friend...what do I do. Pick it up and FIND the stuffed animals and put it with the friends. Sometimes if I touch it I feel we have a bond and therefore I MUST buy it or it will be sad. I know. Please don't judge me.

When I moved to DC they movers put the stuffed animals into big black bags. Thats okay with me. There were a few that went in the car with me. They now live in a glass stand beside my door. Really, you walk in and you see stuffed animals. There were about 7-9 bags...LARGE bags that you stuff leaves in! Also, I have a written will. I know that sounds weird but there are reasons for that. Not to be explained in a post about stuffed animals. BUT, in the will it says that the stuffed animals *except for the stated few* are to be given away to Women/Children's shelters that have suffered from abuse. And to police stations. Because you KNOW when police go to a house that has an abused child and takes the child away. At least in Texas, when I was 7, they brought a stuffed toy for the child to hold in the car. I want my stuffed animals to go to children I KNOW need them. Not just WANT them. There are a few that will go to my niece and nephew. But the others go to those children.

As for the title post: THE CLAW. Well here is the reason behind that. I never was obsessed with those little claw toy things where you put in 50 cents and try to catch a toy. Until I moved to DC and started going to this ONE movie theater. It has RUINED it for me. I now have to have quarters in pocket or purse so that I can attempt to find a new stuffie. I have thus far won 3 at one time. To this little boys amazement who was watching me. And another 3 that I won not at the same time. I hate to play it when others are around. And the last time I played it I lost. But some poor little boy dropped a Storm Trooper...and I took it. Don't worry. The little boy was LONG gone. I made sure. I left it there and watched my movie and AFTER them movie looked again. It was still there. So I took it.

This is one of my MANY sicknesses. And the introduction to me. In maybe a fuzzy nutshell.