Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scary Cops are Scary!

So I have to random cop stories to tell you. Let me just say I never had ANY problems with cops in Alaska. But here in MD I've had two run ins.


I live with my mom because she's sick and I take care of her. Help her with things etc. So one day I drove her to work. It was a nice day, I didn't have anything else to do after I dropped her off so I wore no makeup and was wearing my PJ's. I dropped her off and then went on my merry way!

I had JUST dropped her off and sat at the light RIGHT NEXT TO HER building with a cop behind me. This is how it went:

Me: Ho hum, Mr. Cop I am so lawful its crazy!

Light turns green!

Me: Lets go! Cop can go away now! YAY!

Cop: Not so fast young lady. *turns on his lights and attacks me!*

Me: *pulls off and FREAKS THE FRAK OUT* OMG OMG OMG! Am I going to jail?

Cop: *Gets out and swaggers his way to me.* Miss, do you realize you have a light out?

Me: *SILL FREAKING OUT!* NO!!! I didn't know!!!

Cop: Miss, is this your car?

Me: *FREAKING OUT EVEN MORE* NO!!!! Its my moms!

Suddenly another cop car pulls behind the first cop car. I freak out even more

Cop: *Looks alarmed* Who's car is it? *Probably thinking that a 5'2 little girl looking person stole a Rav 4 from someone*

Me: My MOMS! *Still freaking out*

Cop: Please give me the shit you need to give me so I can make sure you're not secretly a felon!

Me: OKAY! *hands stuff to cop*

Cop goes away and does whatever cops do. Comes back and hands it all to me. As well as a little sheet of yellow paper.

Cop: Miss, this a warning, make sure to get your light fixed.

Me: OKAY! *then we all leave and I head straight to a someone to fix that stupid stinking light*

If you want the second story you should comment and I'll give it to you! It involves cats and crazy ppl who hit you and steal your shit.


  1. you MUST tell the other story now! I mean, come on... it's got CATS! I mean- CRAZY PEOPLE! :o)

  2. Wow. I cant believe I spelled two wrong. In other notes, I will tell you story two. With the cats. and the crazy ppl!