Friday, August 17, 2012

Jackson and His Water Bowls

I have two cats. A boy and a girl, I believe I have written about both of them from time to time. Today I will be talking about my boy cat Jackson and his water bowls. One might think this wouldn't be very interesting, but my cats are strange...

Jackson will only drink from one type of bowl, little glass cups that I normally make flan in. He always wants TWO bowls as well, though he normally only drinks from one of them while the other just kinda sits there.

When he's thirsty he will begin by staring into the water, I always wonder what he's trying to learn by doing this. Does he talk to the water? Is he looking for something? I'm never sure. But he will sit there and stare at them for awhile before choosing which one he wishes to drink from.

He will also sit there and guard the water. If his sister *who doesn't like to drink water* wishes to drink from the cups he will come running over and stare at her while she drinks from his cups. Its very cute, but also very weird.

Thats about it. Not so funny, just weird. I have a weird cat.

The picture is of him deciding if he's thirsty or not. That small weird stain beside the cup isn't in fact a stain its water. He drinks very quickly and tends to slosh it out of the bowls. He's my dorkus!

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