Friday, August 12, 2011

He Should Never Have Told Me About The Cornstarch

Did you know that cornstarch is flammable? Like a spark in a cornstarch factory could blow the WHOLE THING UP? I had No idea that it did that. I found this out in my chocolates class on Monday when we ruined perfectly good liquor by mixing them with sugar and putting them in cornstarch molds shaped like gummi bears. Apparently they are supposed to be good. But they are not. It was a waste of a cup of liquor. GOOD liquor I might add. But…now you know you can kill the zombies, or your enemies by sprinkling them with cornstarch and lighting them on fire. I will for SURE have Cornstarch and a lighter on me when the Zombies finally come. Or Aliens for that matter. I’m sure I can use it on them as well. Unless they are nice Aliens…

PS. Tomorrow I will blog about the last two weeks of class and put a pic of my cake up. For now, you get cornstarch and zombies...


  1. Note to self: Stock up on cornstartch. And matches. You can't be too prepared.

  2. Yes! Who knew! And it would be so simple to hide! Who would ever think of cornstarch? Hee hee. :-D

  3. Wheat flour, too. Any kind of grain - because the fine dust gets in the air and catches fire easily. It's why you have to be really really careful with matches around grain silos. Because, you know, otherwise I'd spend a lot of time playing with matches around grain storage facilities.

    (Came to you via Telling Dad, btw)

  4. YAY! I love Telling Dad. :-D Thanks for reading my cornstarch rant. I had no idea that all types of grain are like that as well...intresting. And yes, if someone hadn't told me I too would be running around grain storage facilities with matches and blow torches. :-D