Friday, August 26, 2011

Why can't Blue and Red work together? Superman pulled it off!

I found out this week that one of the people in my class is...quite conservetive. And when I say that I don't just mean they are Republican, I mean they are against Gay marrieages, the are for making abortions illegal...among other things. This person is a very nice person. I respect him and admire him for doing what he does to make a living for his family and for himself. When we realized that we had opposing points of views we both decided we just wouldn't talk about those subjects. We didn't want to jeprodize our class room relationship.

But honstly, I can't look at him the same now. Its weird for me because I have gay and lesbian friends, I hope to be invited to their weddings in the future and be a part of their lives, make their wedding cakes...etc. I believe that its a womans right to have an abortion if she so chooses. Partly because its a womans right to choose, but also because if they become illegal many women will suffer from illegal abortions from un-qualifed people.

I am a liberal and a Dem. I wear my badges of my politcal ideals proudly. I wont be mean, or rude to you if you disagree, I will just ask you to not discuss these sorts of items with me and if you do try to sway my thoughts...well...most likely we will not remain friends for very much longer.

The reason for this post is to convay to people that those on either side of the "line" can work together in harmony. Just because you wear red and I wear blue *which btw is Superman's colors* does not mean we can't be friends. The fact is that since I found out about this classmates ideals he hasn't treated me any differently then before. Which I believe is very big of him.

Maybe its the sugar and chocolate in the air, maybe its because we're all well fed. Who knows. Who knows why some people can overcome their difference and others can't.

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