Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene really was the Plagues!!! At least 3...maybe 5

Irene started out so fun at first! I had bought half a sockeye salmon and had baked it off to be eaten throughout the weekend. I also removed frozen cranberries and made 1 loaf of cranberry bread and 2 banana breads. I think the cranberry water was the first hint at one of the Plagues...Meaning the tiny ice crystals broke though the ziplock bag and while I was defrosting them in cold water...the water turned RED! With cranberry blood! Dun Dun Dun.

The day continued on. I ate salmon and cranberry bread, I drank vodka and cranberry juice and watched Big Love and the wind. The wind was CRAZY! Around 4ish I went outside on my deck to bring in the deck chairs. Little did I know then...what I brought into the house. More on that later.

The night continued on as I had the TV on but muted to the weather channels. One of our weather dudes here on the East Coast was in Ocean City and was being covered in Sea foam. It became a trending topic on Twitter. I think I helped with that. I also think I was the only one to point out that sea foam is ACTUALLY mermaids who've had their hearts broken by horrible men...they die and turn into Sea foam. I wonder how many hearts Tucker broke? It was quite fun.

And still it continued...oh PS. When I was moving my herbs off the front porch I ran into a cricket. That too...I believe was one of the Plagues. It scared the shit out of me. I continued to eat Salmon and watch Big Love.

Then it happened. Around 1ish in the morning the power flicked out, my Big Love stopped *SOB! I was watching it online* I jumped up *as I am SUPER afraid of the dark* thankfully I had already lit two candles and found a flashlight. I went towards the kitchen to see my cat sitting on her box that she loves beside the table in the kitchen. She was acting weird. Trying to climb ONTO the table. She never does that. So I went to see what had her attion...and THERE IT WAS! A FROG! A cute tiny one that my cat so wanted to destroy! I threw her in the bathroom *I didn't throw her y'all. I placed her in there while scolding her* and closed the door. Then headed back to the frog spot.

PS, this is not the ACTUAL it was to dark and I was freaking out to take a pic of him.

Honestly...I don't like things that jump at me and I don't like the dark. The two things I could not handle and as I live with my mom while I finish school I screamed for her help. Apparently she was a very good frog catcher in her day. When she saw it she exclaimed: OH HOW CUTE! I thought he was cute too...but I just couldn't do it. She saved the frog. Hazaa! That was the third Plague.

The fourth was the darkness and I haven't called my brother to see if he is dead...he's the oldest. So lets keep our fingers crossed it was only the 4 plagues and not that fifth one.

So that was my night with Irene. We got power back about 2 hours ago. As a Chef I need to clean out my fridge of food that will be bad. I didn't finish my Salmon...but I will NOT throw that away. Sigh. Never throw away sockeye salmon people. Never.

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