Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Project Sugar Cookie...Also the Pastry Puffs+Christmas!

Dear America, you are KEEPING ME AWAKE because of my secret mission that has been assigned to me! *Yes...I DID accept it* and now I cant sleep. All I have to say is: YOU'RE WELCOME America! Also Merry Christmas! - Love Claudia, Rox, Gumbie *those are my nicknames*
Also, the Pastry Puffs did Christmas...we went to see Santa. It was AWESOME. There were also Culinary guys involved...it may have become messy...
And now I'm watching Syfy Christmas Specials! Also Glee was on. TODAY WAS EPIC! And tomorrow shall be SUPER SPIFFY PROJECT SUGAR COOKIE! I know you want to know what I'm doing. And yes...it does involve you America. Because I am the FO SHIZZLE. Well, us Pastry Puff Gals are. Hopefully we'll be allowed to take pictures. If SO, I will post them here! HAZAA!
Also...there were Panda's. But that made me sad because I didn't bring MY Panda. This will become more well known at a later date...i.e. after the 22nd....

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