Sunday, December 18, 2011

Avrei preferito fare il cioccolato su Salsiccia Lunedi poi la Domenica

That says: I would rather make chocolate on Monday then sausage on Sunday. I am in Italy and in bed. Because I have a foot issue. And today we were supposed to make sausage...I opted out of the sausage because as a Pastry Chef I would rather be ready to go for the chocolate class on Monday where we get to make Nativities then make sausage.

By the way, I'm in Italy. HAZAA! My wives *story to come later* are working hard...or perhaps hardly working right now because I bet its lunch time or close to it. But thats okay, I did stray out with my crappy foot to find some food and of course a bottle of wine. The food...not so great. It was anisey potatoes and crappy pizza. I wish I had gone somewhere else. But the wine is fantastic!!!

So far the trip has been amazing. The cooking has been interesting. The wine has flowed, the food never seems to stop and I will never again eat a pastry in my life after this trip. That is the only thing they eat for breakfast over here and they have a HORRIBLE obsession with fennel. I say this because I HATE fennel with an undying passion.

There would be pics with this short post, but I have no way to post them and my phone doesnt want to charge itself over here so you're stuck with nothing...or I'll find something on the Internet. BRB. Okay, never mind. My pictures are better. So you'll have to wait.

ALSO!!!! I will be making a cats of Italy calender. Thats right. I'll post a link right here and you can buy one. It will be EPIC! As there are many awesome cats here and I love them all.

So yes, as I sit in bed doing nothing but drinking wine and wishing I had something else to eat...I hope you all are in good spirits and I wish I could watch Glee and Once Upon a Time over here...but it wont let me. sad sad day.

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