Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Congrats! Its a BOY!

Ummm...WTF Blogger...why are you all weird and freaky? I don't know if I like you yet.

On another note I went to class on Tuesday and found out that apparently my restaurant that I'm working a boy restaurant. Yeah...not sure how I feel about that. My Chef-teacher-person thinks that like boats, restaurants have personality's too. And apparently mine is a boy.

Mine is "in" San Diego. And is totally based around Comic Con and is super awesome and named Orion and is all sci-fi space themed and so cool. And I'm a girl y'all. Girls can like that shit too you know!!!! So I think  my restaurant is an awesome spiffy Geeky Girl. So there world...there you go.

On another note I am awaiting on baited breath for Avengers to come out. Why do you ask? Iron Man? Yeah he's cool, and kick ass and I love him. Thor. HOT! Of course. But not him. Cap.America. I think I'll like him better in this movie then his own. The Hulk...not sure. Its a new Hulk. We'll see. Hawkeye. I don't know enough about him. Black Widow. HELL NO! I HATE whats her name who plays her. If the rest of the cast was not SO AWESOME I would so NOT be seeing this movie because of her. Umm...yeah. I'm ALL FOR LOKI!

Yes. Thats right. I'm a Rebel Jedi and yet I turn to the Dark Side as far as Avengers goes. Because I freakin LOVE Loki. He's awesome and kick-ass and the man who plays him has truly made me a believer in the bad. I mean I have never REALLY gone to the dark side before. But now I would give my left hand for him to win the movie. But not really because I burnt my left hand and it was really hard to live with that...but I would be SO happy if he won. But I'm sure he wont.

Sorry for this rambly post!

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