Friday, April 20, 2012

I Burnt Myself and Then Epic Things Happened...Hunger Games Epic

Yup. I burnt the shit out of my finger. My finger that two years ago I sliced open. So now I will have a scar from a slice *I was cutting a potato* and now I was making a cake and will have a scar from a cake. ON THE SAME FINGER Y'ALL!!! Its my left pointer finger. Whatever the hell that finger is called.

How did it happen? The burn I mean. I was making cake...because who DOESN'T want cake? And I'm a baker! So I can make EPIC CAKES without trying. Unless I go to check the cake to see if its done, and then forget I have no oven mitt and PUSH the pan back in with my fingers. And then I died. And ran around swearing like a sailor and scaring my cats.

So then like any normal person I told Facebook. And my awesome pinterest friends responded in an even more awesome Hunger Games way. THIS is why I love the internet and Pinterest and Facebook. And this is why we are all POP, Princesses and Princes of Pinterest...I.E. The MAFIA of Pinterest.

And my friends are awesome because we did this:

This is why we are awesome. And we WIN THE INTERNET!

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