Monday, April 2, 2012

One Last Quarter

Man, I'm a bad blogger. I just didn't blog for the last 3 months. Its been crazy, not to say that it wont be crazy for the next three months, because believe me. IT WILL! But I'll need something to do when I should be doing homework or doing the dishes *since my dishwasher broke*.

But yes, today is the start of the last quarter of my culinary school career. Am I freaking out? Yes. Because I have to do Capstone which from what I've seen from my friends who've taken it before me I will probably have a mental breakdown. And math, which I suck at. So there you go.

I AM excited about the last bit of Capstone where I get to showcase my pretty restaurant at an event and make tasty food for people who maybe could give me a job. But really its going to be more fun to make my booth all SORTS of awesome. I have already asked a friend of mine to paint the sign for me, and I've been buying small plates for my small bites and making all of my dishes to see what will be the best to make. Still haven't decided yet.

In other news my dishwasher broke, my christmas tree is still up, I'm probably drinking more then I should because of the freaking out and I may be going on a cruise in October! Hazaa for the last one. Also I have horrible allergies and I need to start working out if I AM going to be on a cruise in October. Because I want to look cute.

Also, I'm allergic to raw onions and garlic and maybe citrus, but I love all of those things and wont give them up so my face looks like I'm a teenager again with really bad acne. It kinda sucks.

So yeah, there you go. Wish me luck for the coming three months. I'll keep you posted. And here is a pretty picture of what the cover of my menu will look like! Hope you like it!

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