Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Claw

This is maybe a 3rd attempt at a Blog. I have been inspired by other to try again. 3rd times a charm right!? You never know. Maybe no one will read it. Maybe I will WIN the Internet or perhaps the world with my witty banter! You NEVER KNOW! So here we go again. I'll start with this...

I am HOPELESSLY obsessed with stuffed animals. I come from a rare breed of humans that BELIEVE stuffed animals have souls...think and feel. I do not blame Toy Story. I blame "The Velveteen Rabbit" By Margery Willams Bianco. She ruined it for me. I am a 28 year old woman-child. I go to a store and there is a stuffie that is without a friend...what do I do. Pick it up and FIND the stuffed animals and put it with the friends. Sometimes if I touch it I feel we have a bond and therefore I MUST buy it or it will be sad. I know. Please don't judge me.

When I moved to DC they movers put the stuffed animals into big black bags. Thats okay with me. There were a few that went in the car with me. They now live in a glass stand beside my door. Really, you walk in and you see stuffed animals. There were about 7-9 bags...LARGE bags that you stuff leaves in! Also, I have a written will. I know that sounds weird but there are reasons for that. Not to be explained in a post about stuffed animals. BUT, in the will it says that the stuffed animals *except for the stated few* are to be given away to Women/Children's shelters that have suffered from abuse. And to police stations. Because you KNOW when police go to a house that has an abused child and takes the child away. At least in Texas, when I was 7, they brought a stuffed toy for the child to hold in the car. I want my stuffed animals to go to children I KNOW need them. Not just WANT them. There are a few that will go to my niece and nephew. But the others go to those children.

As for the title post: THE CLAW. Well here is the reason behind that. I never was obsessed with those little claw toy things where you put in 50 cents and try to catch a toy. Until I moved to DC and started going to this ONE movie theater. It has RUINED it for me. I now have to have quarters in pocket or purse so that I can attempt to find a new stuffie. I have thus far won 3 at one time. To this little boys amazement who was watching me. And another 3 that I won not at the same time. I hate to play it when others are around. And the last time I played it I lost. But some poor little boy dropped a Storm Trooper...and I took it. Don't worry. The little boy was LONG gone. I made sure. I left it there and watched my movie and AFTER them movie looked again. It was still there. So I took it.

This is one of my MANY sicknesses. And the introduction to me. In maybe a fuzzy nutshell.


  1. Oh... Those little claw things... they taunt me. I once unloaded and entire pocket full of cash trying to get... huh, I don't even remember what it was. If you don't win the internet, at least you'll always have the claw!

  2. Oh man! The place where I play it now is RIGED! *rigged? Sorry, I can't spell* because I ALWAYS know I can win...but that damn claw has no strength! :-(