Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patricks Day

My cats decided to wake me up at 5:30 this morning. Thanks for that cats. My boy cat Jackson saw me move a TINY bit and started to cry a very PLANTIVE cry over and over again. Hearing this my girl cat decided she could come scare the shit out of me so I would get up and feed her. I was trying to ignore my boy cat because everyone says that your cats train these said cries...when really nothing is actually wrong. I know his "I'm scared and crying and something is wrong" cry, but I also know his "I'm bored, get up and move around so I am entertained. Then I will go to sleep while you stare blurry eyed at the news since I woke you up for no reason." Cry. So...long story short I was trying to ignore him...and then decided what the hell, he's been crying for 10 min. I know he wont stop. So I open my eyes and THERE is the girl cat...RIGHT IN MY FACE! I screamed. She was very sneaky and quiet about it. But she blinked up at me with her pretty little face and I know she was thinking. "God woman, don't YELL! I just want you to get up and feed my face!" It was funny afterwards, but here I am. Awake since 5:30.

But thats okay. Its St.Patricks DAY! YAY! I love a good holiday. Christmas is my favorite, then St.Patricks Day, the Halloween and finally Valentiens Day. I like the 4th of July as well...espically now that I live on the east coast where the sun goes down in July as opposed to staying up all night long and making it hard to see fireworks. Plus I have a KILLER spot on my balcony to watch the county's fireworks.

This St. Patricks Day I am doing it RIGHT! Later on I shall make scones, with Irish butter and homemade Jam. I already made the Jam, I just need to make the Scones. I brined a brisket for around 10 days to make Corned Beef. I also have cabbage. I don't know if I want Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner or Hash. Since I also have potatoes. I'm thinking the hash, because I love me some potatoes! I am also watching QVC almost the entire day until I finally watch Destination Truth over in Ireland on the Scifi Cannel *I will NEVER call it Syfy. Thats just dumb* So I'm super excited!

I am sadly not Irish though. I am actually Scottish, German and Alakan Native. But I am TRULY Irish at heart. I've been there on a school trip. Where I found my FAVORITE peice of jewelery which is currently locked in a bank valt. And my FAVORITE book: Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Mariller. Go find her. LOVE her books. They are amazing. Plus if I could I would marry an Irish man with an Irish accent in a New York Minute.

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!



  1. You allowed your cats to wake you at 5:30? You seem to be aware of their knack for training humans and you're setting our progress back by giving in.

    Swatting cats is half what pillows were made for. When our cats try to wake us, I just keep chucking pillows in their direction until either they stop, or I'm out of ammo. Either way, the cats have come to realize that we move on our terms...much like they come to us when called on theirs.

    What's fair is fair!

  2. Yeah...I chuck stuffed animals at my cats when they are fighting. And sometimes drops of water if I am feeling evil. But I could never NOT get up. I try SO hard to ignore them. But I can't. I never have been able to. They are my babies. :-D And sometimes they DONT wake me up that early...