Saturday, March 12, 2011

The world that changes...

As humans we live a very short life compared to some other things. We are the fruit fly of bugs. Just around for a little while, only to die from one thing or another.

With the earth quake in Japan it only furture ignites my ideals of what is to come. I am honostly part of a small group of people who believe that what goes around comes around. We have squandered what the world has given us. We no longer respect nature or the animals we only care for ourselves. I am among this a point. Life isn't easy. No one said it was. But as humans, a race that "seems" so far do we know that every moment is fleeting? That 10 minutes from now we will be gone, washed away by the tide or perhaps choking on a pretzel. No one is to know what fate will favor upon us...

I know for a fact that whatever or whoever speeds nature along, we are pawns compared to that sort of energy. We can never win. There is no question about it. My heart and soul go out to those people of Japan...or New Zeland...of Hatai...I come from Alaska so I know what an earthquake can portray. Its never a picnic. Its never something that we wish for. It is in fact one of the worst moments that we as humans, have experienced.

But as humans we should have more respect to something that sustains us. We will one day push it to the brink of death, therefore writing our own death warrent. Sadly, the US congress and senators seem to not care. They only are for the money...for the power. They are wrong. One day, something will hit US, as it does these other nations. That day I will wheep for those in pain and need, but laugh at those who knew but did nothing.

Life isn't easy. I hate to picture a world that is up and coming, but I know it is coming. I only hope that I am with my cats and my family and friends when it does.

My heart goes out to those who have seen tragedy in their life...

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