Friday, May 27, 2011

Am I in the Twilight Zone?

One of my favorite things to do every Fourth of July is to watch the Twilight Zone marathon on Scifi *not Syfy* so I know most of them pretty well. One of my favorites is the episode of the woman who believes she is dying because the Sun is moving closer and closer to the world. Her paintings melt, someone attacks her for water...etc. When in actuality she is terribly ill and has a high fever, due to the LACK of sun and the world freezing over.

This is why I pose the question: Have I suddenly been thrust into her world of to much sun watching the temperature rising every hour...I think so.

My air conditioning has gone out. Being from Alaska we don't even HAVE air conditioning...we have fans...for when it gets to the 70's. I've lived here on the east coast for 2 years now and was stupid enough NOT to get the damned thing checked. I think it needs more fluid and have to wait until Wednesday for them to come take a look.

Sigh. Really I'm not whining. I don't worry about myself, more my cats. But I've been told they will be fine, and the girl I actually shaved. So now I have taken solace in the basement where its about 10 degrees cooler, and when its cool enough outside to cool the house down I open all of the windows and doors. Thats when I get to watch the temperature tick back down...HAZAA!

So until Wednesday I will be down in the basement, coaxing the cats to come join me as I watch Sliders and The Big Bang Theory...and maybe Buffy. I haven't decided if I want to start re-watching it yet. Is it time? I'm not sure. Also, I will be cross-stitching. Which I love. Maybe I'll depict that Twilight Zone scene!

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