Monday, May 23, 2011

Commercials...kinda fun actually!

I'd like to take a moment to talk about commercial. Normally I hate them. Especially during news programs as you get two minutes of news and five minutes of commercials that go on and off for however long the news is. I hate it.

But there are SOME commercials that I heart to death. I love all of the Hillshire Farm commericals. I'm not a huge fan of sausage, but I love their commercials. They write them very well and make me want to buy their products...which I don't even like.

The first commercial I EVER fell in love with though was one for Disney something or other. I think it was for Disney world. Lets track back to when I was 18...which was...10 years ago. Sigh. I wanted to work for Disney SO BADLY! So when I turned 18, I went to the only Disney store in Alaska and applied. I got the job! HAZAA! I loved it. I still love it to this day, though I no longer live in Alaska and the store is closed down because Michael Isner is...something not so nice. And he felt the need to shut down all the non-essential Disney Stores.

Long story short, there was a large screen where they would show movies, cartoons, commercials...etc. And thats where I found my most favorite commerical. Like I said, it was for Disney but I do not recall WHAT in Disney it was for. It was a man and woman on a date. The man presents the woman with a shoe box. She looks...confused...but opens it. To find...A Glass SLIPPER!!! That is awesome. I've been married once...and divorced. I hope my next husband will propose to me like that. It was so romantic and wonderful...I still think about it today and look for it on YouTube...but I have yet to find it.

So yes world, there are commercials out there that I love. I'm trying to think of some of the others...but sadly I am in my dream world of glass slippers and therefore am not able to think about anything else...

PS. How the HELL do you spend commerical? Stupid word.


  1. I think you are referring to the "Magic Happens" commercial series... In particular, this one:

    Hope you enjoy!

  2. I love you. Whoever you are. Thank you SO much for finding that. I scared the crap out of my cats I squealed so much.

  3. Glad I could help! Sorry about the cats :)