Saturday, July 16, 2011

Captain America...I loved his short, gawky self before the hotness he becomes...

So you all know that I am a geek? Or is it nerd? Whichever one has to do with comics/movies/tv shows. Actually, I’m probably both. But whatever! The point is…Captain America.

So at first I didn’t want to see it. At first meaning the first preview was awful and I had no desire to see it. Then they got better and better and now I am SO excited to see it. Though I have one issue…

That WOMAN! Whatever her name is. So we have our main character who starts are scrawny and short. But he has a heart of gold and if it were me I’d be in love with him just for that. This woman, in all of her “beauty” *yeah, she’s pretty and yeah she has an hot accent. But whatever* has no interest in him AT ALL. UNTIL…dun dun dun…he suddenly is all HOT and Godlike. WTF girl? Or rather…WTF Captain America. Why would you love a woman who loved you for your hot self and not your inner self. Now, I’ve never read the comic and I haven’t seen the movie. So maybe she loved him from the beginning. I don’t know. But the previews are not spinning it that way and I am very disappointed in American Cinema for doing this.

I will still see the movie though. I actually cannot WAIT! But I can’t wait even more for the Avengers. Cus of two words: Joss Whedon. Um YEAH, sign me up for that.
I’ll leave you with this. I had a conversation with my brother who is 12 years older then me and loves all things comic books. But we both have a love for movies. We were talking about what I just posted about and this was his response: “I KNOW! I feel the same way about that woman. What will the Dylans of the world think?” *Dylan is his 3 year old son.* I love my brother, just for that sentence alone. :-D

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