Friday, July 29, 2011

Smells Like Sweat And Chocolate

Sounds like a Porno Movie title huh? I told one of the people in my group that I wrote that on my FB page. He said this should be the tag line: Baby, I’ll temper your chocolate! Wow. THIS is what chocolate does to us. As a bit of advice…do not EVER go into professional chocolate making. It will set out to kill you.

This week was a jumbled mess. Lets start with the cat. I had to take him to the doctor on Tuesday and after $500 later he is finally feeling a bit better. So YAY for that. I wont actually put whats wrong with him other then that if by this coming Monday something doesn’t happen, he will have to go in for an Enema.

But in the baking world we made fondant and gum paste flowers. While fun, its also tedious and annoying. I made a few pretty pieces and next week we have to ice and decorate two entire one layer cakes. I know, you’re wondering why this will be hard. Oh believe me. It will be. I’ve decided my circle cake will have an autumn theme and my square cake…no idea. Any ideas would be helpful.

Now we get to chocolates. Wednesday was AWESOME! Our group flowed and worked together. We produced three whole sets of chocolates and two that only needed to be dipped in dark chocolate the following day. By the end of the day I was in much pain, but I was happy with what we had done. Then Thursday came…

While we began with a bang, I tempered the white chocolate that would be shells and inside the ganache, another teammate tempered the dark chocolate while the other two made the ganache. All seemed to be going fine. Everything tempered, the white chocolate shells were molded and the icky cherry filling had been put in. We put it in the freezer to set up so we could cover the bottom with more white chocolate to create a beautiful piece of chocolate.

Then I fucked it up. Yup. That’s right. I take FULL blame. I pulled the chocolates out and applied the hot white chocolate to the frozen shells. And what happened? Well the white chocolate froze RIGHT away and while I tried to scrape it off and make it look pretty…it just looked like a hot mess. I was hot, tired and angry with myself for screwing up so epically. I set them aside to help my teammates with the other chocolates and then I would begin again. Begin the whole thing over again that is.

Well, Chef F saw these hot mess chocolates and yelled out: WHO DID THESE? I looked at him point blank and said: Chef I did that. Not my group, I did. I messed it up and I’m going to remake it. *Let me point out that the day before when people screwed up like that he made them throw it away and start over. I wasn’t trying to hide it, we were just working on two others that needed to be done. I was fully willing to remake it and take the shame of the hot mess* Well…I think the Chef either admired that I said it was all my fault and didn’t blame my group and then said I would remake it. Or maybe he just went crazy…

He brought it over and said: We can fix it. Yup. That’s what he said. You must know that when I’m angry at myself for fucking up and then someone comes along and is nice to me…I cry. I mean, that’s ALL I wanted to do. He helped me fix it and reminded me that while he may be hard and not so nice to us at times he was there to help I should have come to him. *DUDE! You THREW AWAY PEOPLES CHOCOLATES YESTERDAY THAT WAS A LOT LESS SHITTY THEN MINE* So granted I was confused and still mad at myself. I had to fight the urge to cry for about an hour.

All in all we got them done. A few were crap, but they all looked pretty to me. I went home in EPIC pain. I don’t know how I am going to get by in this industry.
And on another whiny note, I was also slightly depressed because this one dude *who granted makes fun, in a all in fun sort of way* made fun of my tomato red face that I had when I came back from getting lunch. I don’t mind being made fun of, but when I get that red I get really self-conscious. Its because I have horrible allergies and asthma and if its hot and humid outside…no matter what I do I WILL get a tomato red face. I can’t help it and it really hurt my feelings. Now, he didn’t know that. But still. Dude, I’m still a girl and sometimes I don’t think I’m that pretty. So don’t make fun of me like that. But thanks for the funny tag line for my porno movie. :-D

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