Friday, July 15, 2011

I Want To Stab The Chef In The Eye With A Piping Tip

I should be doing homework…but I’m not. My wrist hurts and all I want to do is drink cocktails and ignore the world. Well, not the world because I saw Harry Potter earlier today, had dinner with my Uncle and found out they killed Chewbacca. WTF!? Who KILLS CHEWBACCA! In what universe is that right?

Oh…school you ask? How is that? Eh. I have two management classes which are fine. One is super fun, the other involves math and should be interesting. And then I have the HUGE ASS for both Fancy Cakes and Chocolates.

I mean, he’s okay. He thinks he’s Gods gift to pastry. But whatever. I can get over that. He cooks for Obama. But so does another Chef of mine and he is so NOT an Ass, unless he doesn’t like you and then beware. This guy is an ass to everyone. We spent FOUR hours piping shit icing *made up of Shortening and Powdered sugar. Its hard as SHIT to pipe.

I’m tiny. 5’2 with a hand span of 4 inches long. Its fraking HARD to hold a bag full of what I can only describe as CEMENT for four hours. And every time he went to see what someone was doing this was what he said: “That looks like shit.” He’s also something that I don’t know. He has an accent from god knows where. I think I may start to make tshirts that say that and wear it and walk around him showing it off.
The class should be okay when we’re finally done with this piping shit. I do not CARE about shells or whatever the frak you are trying to show me. Because you say one thing…and do another. *Srsly…that’s what he does. Says how we should do it and then shows how to do it another way*

But enough of the complaining. It should be a fun class. And then I have chocolates after…with the same guy. But he’s okay in that, he hates this one group of girls who are…I think the devils angels they are so annoying. The only issue with chocolates is that by the time we have the class its almost 90 degrees in the room…and chocolate doesn’t like heat y’all. I think I’ll start that tshirt place now. Go visit it! If just for laughs.

I’ll let you know how next week goes. We’re seeing if we can make even cakes and put fondant on. ALSO I am making an armadillo cake for a friend. I’ll put that up here and tell you all about it.

PS. Don't know the ins and outs of Zazzle...I'll post that site later...

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