Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Little Bit Serious Now

I found this on Tumblr…

Little tiny grains of sands metamorphosing, mutating, morphing into giant, endless billows of thick earth, blanketing us, raining down on us as we sit across each other in your car, where the sound is muffled and the sky is falling. No one wants to leave it like this, a cliffhanger to mull over all night, but no one knows how to tie our loose ends so we can say goodnight in peace

Along with this picture…

I feel a bit like that girl in the picture, and the words that go along with it. Sometimes. Engulfed and overtaken by so many things crashing over you all at once. Like a wave. But isn’t that life? Its not complicated. We go through each day not knowing what the end will be. Sometimes I get this way, wondering what’s to come. Wondering who I might actually be in the Universe that we live in.

Last week was a killer for me. It has left me physically and emotionally drained and it was only the first week of 10 weeks to come. But I digress. I’m done. I needed a moment where I stand looking over that dark chasm, wondering what would happen if I fall. But thankfully, I never fall.

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