Monday, July 25, 2011

My kitty is sick and I may jump off a bridge

Good lord life has been hard. First off its been a billion degrees here on the east coast. And then I have chocolates class with the devil himself *I know because he’s mean and adorable at the same time. Don’t you think that sounds like the Devil? I think so*

The baking kitchen last week by the time we left chocolates class was 95 degrees. That’s 12 hours of heat above 80ish. I think that’s how it started when we first got to class. And you know what…? Our teacher…the devil…told us to get wasted on Thursday. He said that’s the only way we could get through our chocolate class. Sadly we had no time to get wasted…hence…HE IS THE DEVIL!

What have we decided? We’ll buy a bottle of wine ever Wed and Thur and share it between the “cool” people. Yes, there is a cool group when it comes to chocolate. Not in it? Stop bitching and calling people cunts and crackers and being little shits. THEN maybe you’ll be in it and can partake of our wine.

On the flip side my cat is sick. He’s a boy cat and since Sunday has been bleeding and peeing where he shouldn’t be. Well…no cat should bleed, but you get my drift. My cats mean the world to me. I mean really. I am sitting here on my couch making sure he’s not dead, drinking…a LOT and crying. If something would happen to my cats then the Devil will have a SHIT storm to deal with.

So my week has been crazy. I skipped class today. I don’t care, it wasn’t cakes or chocolates. I don’t give a shit. Hopefully this week gets better. Pray for me you non-sinners. Only you can save me…or maybe that bottle of vodka on my counter…


  1. Love to you, kiddo. I will chant for you and your kittie. Hang in there and think about what awesome chocolates you will make when you're done. I wish my teachers would tell me to get wasted! :p

    Take care of yourself - drink lots of water in all the heat!

  2. Thank you Saera! He goes in today. Fingers crossed that all goes well! I think Chef F wanted to get wasted and knew he couldn't so he told us to. It was quite funny actually.

    I drink PLENTY of water! Otherwise I might melt! :-D