Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Twelve Dancing Princesses...My Version

So its not secret that I love books and stories and I have a passion for writing. I like to think that I may be slightly good at it, but who knows. But, I am attempting to write a book, I have been now for at least a year. Its an updated version of The 12 Dancing Princesses. That, along side the Seven Swans and their sister are my two favorite stories in the whole world. But I don't want to re-write the Swan story because one of my favorite writers has already written an AWESOME series about it and I think its perfect.

Why am I writing about this? I need a little bit of help. I'm not going to tell you the whole plot, but I'll gave you some details so you can help me figure out which path I want to choose. Its ultimately a story about a girl who realizes she has the strength to fight for her freedom. The main character is supposed to be from our "world" our reality. And she and 11 other girls are transported to another world. Now, I've been thinking that "our world/reality" should maybe be in the future...or should it be in our time period?

I just don't know. You should go look at my 12 Dancing Princesses PinBoard here:

12 Dancing Princesses Inspiration Pictures

So yeah, those pictures help inspire me as I try to figure all this shit out. If you have any ideas on if it should be in the future or present of our world let me know...

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  1. OOo...that's a tough one.

    The future would give so many more interesting possibilities. It's fun to have free reign to imagine would will be.

    Could you write out a few pages from each time period and see what feels best?