Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oil Spill, Flood and Cocktail Fiasco of 2012

A week ago I was tasked with the challenge to make some food that could be frozen and eaten at later dates for a women who broke her coller bone. I of course was up to the challenge, but two days before I had made fish and chips and the oil from the fried fish was still sitting on my stove top, ready and waiting to be thrown away.

So, before I could start on the food for the lady I decided to clean up a little. Try as I might, I could not get the oil to go into its plastic bin as it should have. So it went all over the floor. And when I mean ALL OVER. I mean ALL OVER. I had to clean that up. Pissed off and red faced I screamed out profanities and continued along with my task at hand. It all worked out, I made the food, she's happy. Etc.

Then today I filled the dishwasher as any normal person might. I went and sat down to my computer and started looking at facebook and Pintrest. To my surprise I started hearing weird trickling noises. I decided to get up and check it out. What did I find? A FLOOD. OMG! I ran all around gathering towls to stem the flow of water. And stem it I did. *ps, to make matters worse, two weeks ago my faucet broke off. Yes you read that right* And I have NO time to get either of them fixed.

So what would any normal person do? Make a cocktail. And I did. It was fantastic. I decided to make another. My cat decided he wanted food, so I tried to rest my drink on the toaster...and what happens? It fell EVERYWHERE! Wasting vodka and making the floor super sticky.

So that has been my life so far. Crazy. Sorry to complain. I just hope it gets better from here.

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