Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brussel Sprouts are actually Tiny Robert Downy Jr Aliens Trying to Take Over the World

That’s right. Brussel sprouts are aliens. Tiny ones who are trying to take over the world slowly…apparently like Robert Downy Jr. Except I don’t really get that part?
What am I talking about you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I have a friend on Facebook who is an amazing artist. Y’all should check him out. Jameshance.com he does cool Star wars/Muppets/Winnie The Pooh things. They are actually very cool and I own quite a few of his prints.

Well he has a daughter and bought broccoli to feed her. He fed her half of the broccoli and then forgot about the rest in his fridge and now apparently his fridge smells awful! Because the broccoli died. Well, I actually have a bag of brussel sprouts from TWO months ago in my fridge…and they are still good.

I don’t understand how they can still be good. So, since I am weird and quirky I’ve decided that brussel sprouts are actually TINY ALIENS COME TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Starting with my fridge of course. I posted this on his little Facebook post and someone commented on how brussel sprouts that take of the world are actually like tiny Robert Downy Jrs…apparently he tries to take over the world. Who knows.

I thought it was funny and I thought I’d blog about it. We could all use more brussel sprouts in our lives and make sure to make them with bacon because the aliens like bacon.

On another note, I just found a box from Costco that contained none other then small tomoatoes…and I bought them AT THE SAME TIME as the sprouts. They were NOT in the fridge and they are still GOOD! How can that be? They lived in the house during the great air conditioning break down. I think Costco must be the mother ship of the fruits and veggies taking over the planet.

PS. I am not crazy. This post may be a bit crazy. But its zazzy! Don’t you think its zazzy?

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