Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Culinary Edition

This will be my first post about my Culinary Experiences. I do hope that you enjoy it.

Today was the last day of European Cakes and Tortes class. It was amazing. Almost all of the cakes were fantastic, and almost all of the cakes were fun to make. Here are a few of my favorites. Starting with my final cake:

Pirate Pina Colada:

This cake consists of a Golden Chiffon Cake, pineapple mousse, coconut creme brulee insert, Pate Decor with blue waves piped on and pineapple Gelee. Plus the chocolate shells and pirate ship. It was super tasty, but the pineapple was lacking in flavor.

Raspberry Mousse Cake:

Chocolate Chiffon cake, raspberry mousse and raspberry gelee. It was sinfully awesome! But I also love me some raspberries.

St.Honore *sp?* Cake:

Just full of creamy goodness.

I'm only putting up three, but we made about a million I think. It was a fantastic class. Super annoying to have to get up at 4am every Wed and Thur for 3 months though. Next quarter I'm taking Fancy Cakes and Chocolates. Two different classes I might add. And then two other boring classes I'm sure no one wants to read about.

What are my Culinary Goals in Life you ask? I'll tell you this: You don't get to know till they come true. I just recently realized what I wanted to do and for all of you geeks and nerds out there...our time has come. Thats the only hint you will get. So far only four people besides myself know of my idea. Its super top secret and I hope one day you'll be able to enjoy what I will have to offer. Until then though, you can ask all you want but I'm not telling! Unless you have something to offer. :-D

In other news its hot as hell outside again. The air conditioning works though so life is good. Tomorrow I plan to see Super 8 which I cannot WAIT for and then the following week is Green Lantern. Which I tried to dye my bangs green in honor of Sexy Green Lantern boys...but sadly it didn't work out that well. There is green...but not Green Lantern Green. Sigh.

How are you starting your summer?


  1. If it has anything to do with geeky edibles, I only hope they are orderable on Amazon or else shipping to a bakery near me. :)

    We are personally kicking the summer off by NOT GOING OUTSIDE. You said it, freaking hot!

  2. totally just nailed my idea on the spot. But don't tell anyone! And don't steal my idea! :-D I'll probably end up moving close to LA if I were to open a Bakery like that. But I'm sure I will do mail order. But shh! Its a secret!

    I go outside now to go see movies and to mow the lawn when I start getting dirty looks from neighbors as my yard beginds to look like a forest. Other then that I stay inside!

  3. this was totally the wrong post to go to since i haven't anything to eat since the crack of dawn. and by totally wrong, i just mean that i am salivating up a storm and i am tempted to lick the screen. =)

    love, love the cakes!

  4. Oh no! Go eat something! Maybe I'll send you a cake. Any kind you like! Thanks by the way. That was only 3 out of about 30 cakes we made. Those were my three favorites though. :-D

  5. Trust me, if I ever tried cooking something, no one would consider eating it... :)

  6. Okay! I trust you! But I highly doubt anybody's food is that bad! :-D I'll make sure to offer cooking classes at my Bakery whenever I open it!