Monday, June 13, 2011

Its Sunny Out But I Just Don't Care!

I like my weather on the rainy side. I know its weird, but I do! I like clouds, I like rain, I LOVE Thunder and lightening. I feel badly for all of those who have suffered at Weathers hand as of late. But still, one of the things on my bucket list is to:

1.See a Tornado
2.Be inside the middle of a hurricane

There are other weird weather things I would love to enjoy...from a safe distance. But I love me some crazy weather. We've recently been told that there are "Thunderstorm Warnings" and what do I get? Sunny weather. Its sucks! I need my rain! I need my thunder! I need my lightening!

Alright, I've had my rant. More to come later this week.

PS. Now I'm going to go make Tasty roasted potatoes!


  1. ah, i totally feel you on this one. I love a cloudy day. i love a little rain. which is why SoCal is totally the wrong place to live for me. =)

  2. Its the best! The rain that is. All the news reporters say: Don't hate us for this rainy day! And I always respond *to the TV* of course not! I love you! Now if you say it will be sunny for 10 days I will hate you! :-D

    I feel bad for your lack of weather. I'll try to send some your way!