Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don’t Open The Door

So I used to live in Alaska before I moved to the East Coast. Its very different up there, during the winter you only get about 5-6 hours of light *which sucks for most everybody because you go to work/school when its dark and come home when its dark* or in the summer you only get about 5-6 hours of darkness. Land of the Midnight Sun we truly are. Its also colder for a lot longer, though here in DC with the damned wind you would THINK it was colder then Alaska. It takes you about 20 min to get anywhere in Anchorage…here it takes 20 min to just go 5 miles. They have Bears Tooth which is my favorite restaurant of ALL TIME. And sadly nothing…and I really mean nothing compares to it here in DC. Plus they have Hot Dog on a Stick up there…no one sells corndogs here that I have seen. I need my corndogs Y’all! But I came here for school and so here I shall stay for the time being.

That’s not the point of this post. In Alaska I would pretty much always answer my front door. I’m not saying there was almost no break-ins or hold ups or crime. There was plenty. Just not where I lived. And here in DC where I live there isn’t much crime either. The worst thing that normally happens is there is a corner I like to call Crash Central, and my house is right next to it. I’ve had to call the cops countless times because people crash into eachother. So far…no one has died. *knock on wood*

But here…I don’t answer the door and I actually don’t answer my phone. The reason I don’t answer the door here is mostly because so many people walk around and try to get me to buy/sign/learn/covert to their god/you want to eat my brains…etc. So I wont answer the door because I don’t want any of those things. I don’t want to listen to you blabber on about being a Politician, about the religion you want me to join, about the cleaning product you want to sell, about how you want to eat my brains and turn me into a zombie as well…etc. And as for the phone…apparently my phone number belonged to many a crazy person. For about 3 weeks I had one guy calling me EVERY TWENTY minutes. It was crazy. So yeah…here on the East Coast I don’t answer the door.

In other news I am looking forward to Green Lantern *I have green streak in my hair in his honor*. I made caramel cupcakes and I don’t want to mow the lawn.

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