Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Geek In Me

I guess you could call me a Superhero newbie. I know the movie sides of the Comics but not the Comic sides of Comics. Its just something that I am going to have to learn about. Especially if my future requires that I have a basic knowledge of the Comic book world.

But really this post is about my Geek/Nerd Status. I don’t really know which category you should put me in, one of my friends gave me a great definition of what they both were and pretty much informed me that I was neither. He lies. I am one of them at least.

It started when I was 3 months old. That’s right, I said 3 months. My parents took me to see Return of The Jedi. After that I rejected anything Star wars, alien, goofy weird thing for the next decade at least. I only renewed my love of Star Wars and all things Sci-fi when George Lucas re-introduced Star Wars to a younger Audience. I walked into A New Hope with my mother, we were late and I carried my large popcorn JUST as the music made its amazing crescendo and STAR WARS was thrown up on the screen. Lets just say I’ve been hooked ever since.

Life just got better for me after that, as far as Sci-Fi and Fantasy related material came at me with amazing speed. I just couldn’t get enough of it! I also learned to love the other side of the Sci-Fi spectrum. Meaning the more dark side, the underbelly. Like Blade. I was a weird Teenager, but I didn’t care. I even learned the Star wars language. Yup. I said it. I sadly do not remember it now or I would put it on my resume. Shouldn’t we ALL know how to write and read the SW language? I think so.
So lately in the past few years we have been bombarded with new Superhero, Comic book movies. Batman anyone? Yes please. Iron Man? Of COURSE! Last night I went to see the midnight showing of Green Lantern. I am a girl still I might add, and Ryan Reynolds is one of my four muses that I use when I write. Meaning, I come up with a character and pretend they look like him or 3 other guys. That way I have a better picture in my head how I want this character to be.

Let me get back to it. I went to see the movie last night. It wasn’t perfect. It got a little campy at times, but all in all I enjoyed the overall tones of what it had to offer. Ryan was funny and endearing. Blake was beautiful and slightly annoying when she got on her high horse. I loved his friend the nerdy boy. I even liked all of the other Green Lanterns. Did you know Geoffry Rush was in it? He was! I wont give anything away, but I do hope they make a second one. It would be fun to see how they continue to grow his character.

But so far my favorite movie of the summer has been Thor, with Super 8 and X-Men First Class tying for second. Thor was AWESOME. They have GOT to make a second one…WITH Natalie. Not the Avengers, I am excited about it. But I need Thor to find his girl again! As for X-Men, one word: James McAvoy as Charles. Yes please! I would watch anything he was in. I hope Abrams finds a spot for him in the new Star Trek because apparently his is a super Star Trek nerd. And finally Super 8. Those boys, especially Joe…I would love to adopt him as my little brother and do anything and everything with him. He’s adorable and I loved that movie.

The future movies to come that I can’t wait to see: Transformers *people, come on. Don’t make fun of me. I have an Autobot tattoo. Of COURSE I’m excited to see it*; Harry Potter…OMG! Have you seen the new preview? It makes me cry just watching it! Those are at the top of my list. There are others of course…but I am a movie Geek, so don’t judge me.


  1. I'm writing these down. I haven't been to the theater in ages, and it's so hard for me to "allow" myself the few hours I need to watch a movie at home. But, you know what, I need to turn my brain off for a few hours and watch something entertaining! Starting with these....

  2. YAY! We all need to take movie breaks now and then! And all of those are great movies! Let me know if you want any other ideas!

  3. transformers in 3D is going to ROCK.

  4. Ohhhh! I know! I cannot WAIT! And the theatre near me JUST got Imax. I hope it was filmed for imax! I am counting down the days and will be there for the midnight showing!