Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Government or People Who Own Machines That Can Transport Water

Dear Government or People Who Own Machines That Can Transport Water,

So we are having Armageddon all OVER the US. Flooding in Minot, Fires in the South…raging heat waves in the East…etc. Meaning we’ll probably all die in 2012 like the predictions say. But I have a solution for the flooding AND the fires and drought. Come on government…do I have to do EVERYTHING for you?

This is what you do. Take machines that can suck up all of the water in Minot where there is flooding, transport said water to fires and places where there is drought. Spray water at fires, hopefully they go out. Place water in drought areas so there is no longer a drought. Simple huh? That way you take care of THREE problems US. Three. That’s way better then the whole two birds with one stone. Its THREE birds with water.

I know I’m crazy and there must be some logical reason why they don’t do this. But really? Why not? Has anyone else thought of this besides me? And if so, why are you not doing it? You don’t have to give the water to people to drink! Just take out the fires and the drought! I just don’t understand.
That’s my two cents. I’m sorry for the people who live in Minot and the areas of fire and drought. I feel sorry for all of the animals as well. They need the water too Government.

That is all.


  1. I know. Where's superman when you need him, right?

  2. I know! Superman needs to get his act together! Plus I think the government is messing with me because I was driving to the store yesterday and what do I see? A WATER TRUCK! Watering the pretty little flowers of Rockville. Really government? Really? You want to water flowers but NOT save people from fires and drought? Good job government!