Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Bakery

WOW! Two posts in a day. WHO KNEW!?
This post is mostly for myself. Its so I can get my thoughts in order.
As those of you who read my blog…the four of you! Which I love you btw! You know I have a future plan to open a Bakery. Only one of you have figured out what it will all be about.
But what you don’t know if that I plan to have two special days out of the week.
1. In honor of the women and men in the military/air force/etc…I will have one day where if you served…you get a treat for free. And if you donate, you get a treat for free. Kinda like: I baked this item, pay what you think its worth and the proceeds go to the men and women who keep us safe every day.
2. Pets. I have two cats. I want to bake treats for dogs and cats and other animals eventually. But for now you come and buy a certain item, say a frosted cookie, the proceeds of that cookie go to help different charities that help animals.
3. Anything that tickles my fancy. Because I feel like I’m a good person and I have need to help those who need the help.
So that’s my little rant. Hope you don’t mind!


  1. The thought of a bakery makes me happy because I am addicted to all kinds of sugary goodness, but your plans are so awesome and amazing because you're already thinking of giving back to the community in a delicious way and taking into account all of our furry friends. Excellent!

  2. SO SWEET! <3 You! I will make sure there is a Shoppers Anonymous *which I will be a part of as well* section! :-) I know that if I open my own Bakery it wont just be for me. There are many causes out there I would love to help but right now I just can't. When I'm able to...I will. I know more furry friends out there need our help!

  3. Awesome ideas... despite my recent rant over gourmet dog treats. :-D

    Also, if you ever need a live-model sit-in for Chewbacca, my dog will gladly volunteer... assuming he can get some free tasties. :) He bears a striking resemblance.

  4. My animal treats will not be weird and gourmet! Just tasty treats for puppies on the go!

    EEP! I totally want to borrow your dog for a Chewie model! He can have all the treats he can eat!