Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feelings, Thoughts and Emotions

One more day. Thats all. One more day I tell myself as I take the 1 hour metro ride to school. One more day and you have two weeks off. Two weeks where you can hunker down with a good book, and all the new TV shows coming on for the fall season.

Its like walking out on a sea of ice. The subtle cracks that weave its way through a substance that once was liquid. Flowing, flowing forever and changing the world without out mortal minds even knowing that the change is coming, the change is happening. These cracks twist and turn throughout the ice, they seem to dance and weave its own pattern of life. Maybe it wishes to be frozen in its path forever, maybe it hopes for what is to come.

Tomorrow is another day, another moment that could take your breath away. The path I walk is like the ice, you never know when it will pull you in a different direction, pull you into the cold unknown.

Tomorrow brings me closer, but closer to what? I'm not sure. I don't know what my future holds. I hope for the best and of course I think of the worst.

Our final cake will be a smurf village. You heard me right. A smurf village. My final piece for chocolates class...isn't what I wished it to be. But, I'll follow that crack in the ice, but force it into a different direction. I'll make it my own. It will be unlike the others, just as I am.

One more day and I come closer to the darkness that lays ahead...

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