Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Wishes and Dreams

I look all over the Internet and see this AMAZINGLY beautiful, awesome, funny blogs and then I look at mine. Though this is the first blog that I have really kept up with, I still wonder what I could do to make it better? Be funnier? Sure! I wish I could do that all the time. Blog more about food. Do you want me to? Because I can. I guess I just am who I am. Plus I have to clean. And when I say clean I don't mean just vacuum...I have so HEAVY cleaning to do. I don't want to. When I don't want to clean I cook. I already have an awesome smelling potato bake in the oven now. So now I'm turning to blogging. I guess I'll clean soon. But not right now.

So here are a list of my hopes and dreams:

1. I want to work for Disney...without having to cover up my tattoos. But I want to work for them.

2. I want to work for America's Test Kitchen. Not the PBS show part of it, but the magazine part of it.

3. I want to be a personal Chef on a yacht that goes all around the world.

4. I want to open my own bakery. I can't tell you what its theme will be. But BELIEVE me. It will be EPIC!

5. I want to be a caterer for The Big Bang Theory or Glee or Eureka or Warehouse 13.

6. I want Jim Parsons to be my bestest friend. As well as Chris Colfer!

7. I want to live somewhere where it rains every day but visit somewhere for a month where its only sunny.

8. I want to save ALL the animals. Yes. I mean all.

9. I want my mother and family to always be happy, healthy and safe.

10. I want this for my cats and friends too.

11. I want to be understood.

The list goes on. My house smells amazing by the way. From the potato bake. And its raining out. But I have horrid allergies. Blah. Can someone come clean for me?


  1. Ugh I feel you on cleaning. I am staying with some friends and did a surprise clean of their apartment.



    I think I'm going to start a blog toooo... We should brainstorm together! I miss you SO much!

  2. HIYAH! is right! Stupid dust and germs. :-p You are VERY nice to do a suprise clean. I wish I could turn into a cleaning zombie for a few hours and get it all done without even really knowing...thinking I'm asleep. Sigh.

    You SHOULD start a blog! I would read it! I'll help you with anything you need. :-) I miss YOU So much too!!!! We need to do something! <3 Plus, we need to go eat tasty mexican food again. Well...really go eat tasty salsa.

  3. I strolled on over here from TD, and I feel you on the cleaning part. I just moved in with my fiance a week ago and that is all I have done since. Clean, paint, unpack, rinse and repeat.

    But your dreams are definitely obtainable. Maybe you could be a chef for disney?

  4. I love your name! Boyssmell that is. :-D Super cute. Thanks for coming over. Sadly I am not as funny as TD.

    I HATE moving. Its worse then cleaning! Probably because it HAS cleaning in it. I feel for you!

    You can show tattoos at Disney. I have one on each hand *nothing creepy. A bird and the eye of Ra* So that really is a dream. Unless I can change their mind about me!!

  5. Catering for a TV show would be fun, I think. I used to be an extra for a show occasionally,and the catering was a MAJOR highlight... if you've got to get a bunch of people to work 6am - 9pm (plus the one & a half hour drive each way to get to set...), I'm guessing that good catering helps a LOT.