Sunday, September 11, 2011

One More Week To Go

One more week, that is my motto to get me through this week. Actually, this is the last week, so my moto on Wednesday will be...ONE MORE DAY! And then on Thursday it will be: 10 more hours...etc. I am super excited. I'm excited for it to be over, but I'm also excited to do my chocolates class final piece that we are making.

Last week we made this:

Yeah! Its pretty kick-ass isn't it? Pulled and blown sugar baby! It was one of my ALL TIME favorite things to work with now. I'd like to find a pastry school that just does this for a whole quarter so I could learn as much as I can. I've always had a slight obession with blown glass, so I knew I would be excited for pulled sugar.

Its FRAKKING HARD though to do. But so much fun when you have a final piece. Everyone had to make an under the sea themed piece. My group and I made this one. I made the jellyfish guy *who later commited suscide* and the fish with the purple and pink fins.

Next week each person has to make their own. I have this necklace that I own:

I want to go that is the background, so a circle of blue, with a yellow cresecnt moon, and the whispy stars. And then I want to have a fairy of some sort infront of it like this:

We have two days to make it. I think I can get it to all work out. Its going to be hard, but if it works out its going to be beautiful! I'll post pictures.

So yeah, one more week to go.

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