Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today I Put The Christmas Tree Up

I know...its not even the end of has only just begun! Why then am I putting up my tree? Because I love it, it makes me happy and when I come home from a stressful day at school I like things that make me happy. If I can control the happy-factor then I can control the stress-factor just a bit more.

We have THEME trees in my house. Our tree is white and fake. I don't like real trees, I mean of course I like real trees but I don't want them in my house. BUG y'all! BUGS! So I have a white tree with white lights. The first year of the trees life the theme was red. It was all red and white. The second year was purple. It was SO pretty. And finally this year it was SUPPOSED to be Gingerbread themed...but I haven't had time to make spiffy gingerbread things to go on it. So it will be green and brown *and when I say brown I mean a shiny, chestnut brown. Not yuck brown* Brown is also my favorite color.

So, all the white lights on the white tree died. I'm assuming because I kept it up until March last year and it didn't like being plugged in for 6 months. So I bought new white lights. My Aunt last year was so smart, she wrapped the icky green color of Christmas lights with a color ribbon that would go well with the other things on the trees. So I have brown ribbon to wrap around the white lights and a sparkly green one to wrap around the AWESOME green/brown/amber colored lights I bought. I am so excited. EEP!

So there you go. This is my happy place, I'm super excited to put them up!

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  1. That's pretty rad. If it makes you happy and thrills you, I'm so very happy you did it!

    Looking forward to the cake pictures!