Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Don't Care What You Say

I grew up watching Star Wars...truth be told...until I was a teenager I hated it. Except for the Ewoks and their own special little movies with that cute little girl with curly blond hair. I loved those little movies. But I hated Star Wars. I don't know why. Maybe I was scared of it as a child, maybe it was boring. Who knows. I don't understand a lot of my childhood. I just figure it was all for a reason.

Then George Lucas *whom I love, always a forever* re-released his movies. I decided to  give it a try. It was the "IN" thing to do and who was I not to be "in"? So my mom and I went. But we were late because of my mothers job. Her boss wouldn't let her leave for some reason or another and we were late.

I remember we went to Fireweed Theater in Anchorage. We stood in line even though we were late for a large popcorn and a cup of cheese *yes, I was a popcorn cheese dipper*. I carried the popcorn in one hand, my mom was behind me and we made our way to the door of the theater. We were late and had missed the previews.

I opened the door...and the words STAR WARS popped up on the large screen...along with the sweet music of John Williams. I was hooked. I mean, I can't even describe the moment for you. It was like I was in a dream. An amazingly wonderful dream. And I was hooked. Forever.

After that I remember the new movies. Of course they were not as wonderful as the original. But they were still amazing. George Lucas had always had a dream. In his mind he KNEW what the movies would be...for himself and for others. Along the way people have forgotten what these movies mean to him. They are HIS children. Not ours. We just share a part of his life...a moment. A memory. I always have a hard time with those who "hate on Lucas". Perhaps they are right in some ways. But if they were in his shoes...what would THEY do with their babies?

Lucas KNEW what he wanted out of Star Wars. But at the time he couldn't complete his vision...because he lacked the resources that were needed. So he CREATED those resources. HE brought us into the new age of movies. He is a Jedi in his own sense. And if he so chooses to change his creations to his will...then I will ALWAYS respect his decisions. They are HIS dreams. Yes, they helped me along with my own dreams. But I would not step on the toes of a dreamer. I would not change his mind. For they are his, and HIS alone. We have no right to be so cruel, to try to shape his dreams into our own.

I remember when I saw The Phantom Menace for the first time. I was here in DC with my mother, she was here for a conference or whatnot. We went to the Cleveland Park movie theater. We bought 4 tickets. One for the first show and then another for the second. We smuggled in coffee in a water bottle and I admit during the second showing I may have dozed off. Not because I didn't want to watch it, but we had JUST come into DC from Alaska *a 4 hour time difference* and could only stay awake for one.

Star Wars has been a part of my life. I don't remember everything about my childhood. But I do remember sitting in front of the television and watching the VHS of the Ewoks movies. And the moment the words STAR WARS popped up in my life for the first REAL time in the theater.

My second tattoo was Star Wars and even now I plan another. No matter what I will ALWAYS believe in George Lucas. Maybe one day he will hire me to work on Skywalker Ranch as a Chef. One can always dream like Luke did. That the world you live on just a stepping stone into the future of your existence. You shape you destiny.

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