Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Flight of the Cell Phone...or R2D2's Death

About a year ago...maybe a little less I bought this adorable R2D2 phone. Since I am totally obsessed with Star Wars. I mean...why WOULDN'T you want a Droid phone that was all about R2D2. I loved him. He was a great friend of mine. We had our ups, we had our downs. But thats R2 for you...he's a tricky little fellow. But I loved him all the same.

This past weekend I tried to plug him in to charge his little battery and low and behold...nothing. It wouldn't work. He died, and I kept trying to charge his little battery hoping for the best. Trying to tap into the force. None of it worked. Heartbroken I tried turning him on one more time and to my utter horror this msg was displayed:

"Error. Cannot be fixed."

OMG! SAD FACE! R2 is no longer with us. And with that I went into Verizon today to get an iphone. Yes, I'm caving into the thrill and money that an Iphone brings. But I have to admit that I've had my ipod touch for the past four years and I haven't had any issues with it. While R2 was overloaded with issues. So fingers crossed this new phone will be a breeze.

But!!! My story does not end. The store didn't have it in stock but the woman was so nice. She was very helpful and didn't push any extra sales. She did try to get me to buy a case for it...but I have had one made...more on that later and said no. She informed me that it would arrive Friday!

SO excited I left and hung out with my friends, unaware that I was getting an email *since R2 had died* that my new iphone would be here TOMORROW. Thats right folks. Tomorrow. When I got home I read said email and though quite excited I was also very sad. Because tomorrow I have school. And a paper due.

Long story short I'm skipping class tomorrow and skipping lunch with my wifey *thats another long story. I'm married to two women and a wonderfully gay man* so that I can wait for my phone. I hope its worth it.

Now, I have not given up on Star Wars as I had THIS case made:

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