Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letters on a Plane

Sorry its been so long, school just started and life has swept me up in its saving grace. Not everything is perfect, life never is. But I have fantastic friends, and school is going really well so I count my blessings and just look forward.

I was trying to decide what would make a good post to come back to. Then I remembered when I was on the plane going to Italy I was inspired by a guy...and a letter.

It was dark on the plane and quiet, hush whispers swirled around me as I watched whatever movie it was I had chosen to watch. It was one of those moments when you can just listen to your inner voice and let your thoughts drift away into the shadowy darkness.

One row ahead and to the right of me was a young man, probably around my age, dark hair, cute. He was traveling alone, and like me seemed to not be able to sleep. I watched as he pulled an envlope out of his bag, opening just one of the sides and pulling out a college lined letter. It was about 2-3 pages, and I watched him as he read it. He didn't seem to have that many facial expressions as he read it, but you could tell he enjoyed it.

Then, to my dismay and wonder he pulled apart another three very empty pages. Whomever had written him this letter had offered him pages in return. He took out a pen and began writing. Who knows what he wrote to whomever this person was. But he wrote back.

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