Saturday, October 8, 2011

Booze class, restaurants and pumpkin cheesecake...OH MY!

See what I did just there? I made it like Lions and tigers and bears OH MY. Yeah. I know, Im weird. I totally had a random and wonky last post. Sorry for that. I think I had to much to drink.

Class has started once again! I am taking A La Carte and Food and Beverage Managment! I have to work under the watchful eye of a spiffy German Chef *who works for the White House as well*. He is awesome and I adore him, as well as working under the thumb of a Heinus Bitch woman who wont open a bathroom door when a student is in there as well. She would hate her too. She makes fun of ya'll who are bumpkins and don't know how to tell your waiter person that yur finished with yur meal.-Thats in a Redneck accent...not that I'm trying to be mean to rednecks...she just think everyone who isn't her and poops solid gold...talks just like that. We're not allowed to say: :"ya'll" when serving the food. HELL NO WOMAN! I'm saying ya'll all the fucking time now! So there!

Yadda yadda...I'm also in a Booze class. We drink wine. We're supposed to do that fancy wine tasting shit where you swirl, sniff, sip and the spit. The 4 s's...Um...I'm paying about 3,000 dollars for this class for the wines you're feeding me. I'm drinking ALL of that shit ya'll. There is no way in hell that I am spitting it out. But I already love the class. I've only had one btw. Its 3 hrs and 40 min and it felt about 30 min long to me. It is awesome and makes me wonder if I want to be a wine business in the future. Who knows.

But all in all, my classes are kinda awesome. Except for the bitch woman. I could kick her to the curb. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. More to learn about the restaurant next post. Perhaps tomorrow? We shall see.

BTW, you need to read The Night Circus. Its awesome and epic and beautiful. Go buy it. Now.

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