Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To The Assbag...yeah...You know who you are

So...I'm doing my restaurant class and I was front waiter today. Long story short...we screwed up...but not as much as she did. Tomorrow I plan to have a speech. This is how it will go:

To The Assbag. Please just listen to what I have to say, then you can respond or not respond if you so choose. *PS, to those reading. I will be saying this in front of the whole class*. Yesterday may not have been our best day, yes we had our issues with service, but I think that yesterday was one of the best days for the group as a whole. We all really pulled together and worked as a team. I know you were busy with the student table and talking to Chef Sholly with whatever you guys were talking about. But from Brianna as the M'De who helped us set the extra plate to Nelson on dishes who though may have not followed your exact rules was there for the servers we worked as a group, we had good communication as a whole. Brandon and Neshan were there for myself and Ian, asking us to tell them whenever we needed help with our service. Brandon was the one who spotted that the tea may not have bee as strong as it should be and suggested that we give them new glasses. Ian was always there for me, helping me and learning as much as he could from me about the customers that we were waiting on. Whats his name *I'm sorry, I forgot his name. When I say this to her tomorrow I'll ask what his name is so I can say his actual name* showed Sara how to do the sandwich station, the Expidatior *SP?* communicated and asked us questions. It was a rough day, you were busy with other things and as a result I believe that though we had bumps and bruises we all worked together to try to be the best we could be.

So yeah...thats my speech. Hopefully she wont fail me for it. Also, I'll be writing a heated letter to the Dean of Students about well as a letter I'll be giving to her as soon as I leave the school for good.

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  1. It sounds really good, but I would leave out the Assbag part.