Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Italy Post #1

First off...don't you LOVE this picture of me as a zombie:
I am a zombie wearing makeup! On that note, its also my Mom's 61st b-day and she has pneumonia or how she used to call it as a kid...PAH-Monia. She said thats how she used to read it. Also Walking Dead starts tonight, hence the awesome Zombie picture.

I think if there ever was a Zombie Apocalypse I would handle it pretty well...I hope I would at least. Not so sure if I would want to live in a world without Internet, television, new books, liquor, and light *since I am deathly afraid of the dark...DEATHLY.* But I still think I could kick some Zombie ass...after I got over the crushing fear that is.

SOOO! Where is the Italy you ask? Well...Here you go. I have started two lists: 1) List of Things to Bring to Italy; 2) List of things to ask Chef what I need to bring *this list includes different plug types, laundry detergent and Chef Knife* I ask about the chef knife because I have tiny tiny hands and have a smaller chef's knife then most. I don't want to use a big one. They are SCARY! Also, I have started a box of the things that I am brings so as not to loose them...

There are more to that pile that will be added...such as my camera. But I'm not going to keep it in a box until December, same with my Kindle. But every week I've decided to take a pic of my stash and see how its grown. I am getting way more then excited.

More school tomorrow. I am looking forward to parts, not looking forward to others. Tonight will be a long night since Walking Dead is on. Oh well. I'm still excited!!

Sorry this post was not ripe with beautiful words. Its mostly just for fun!

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