Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pastry Puffs and Apparently Coke Addicts addicted to Candy Corn...

So...I have some AWESOME additions to put into my Italy-to-pack-pictures. But you must wait! You can't see them now! Sunday! Thats right! Thats when I update.

On to other things! I got TWO new tattoos today. One says: Little Pastry Puff and has a tiny cupcake with it. This represents my awesome group of people I am so honored to know. Plus a White House/Michelin Star Chef named Chef Sholly. He's the bee's knees. From Germany and awesome-ness. He's taking my to Italy *well, not JUST me.* And he named our Pastry group *there are 5 of us* The Little Pastry Puffs. I love it SO HARD! I'm making us all shirts too. They will be EPIC! As are we. So this is the tattoo:

Its awesome right? On my right arm. I love it.

Then, there was this awesome Tattoo dude who was doing Halloween Tattoos at a lower rate. He had one that had candy corn and a razor...I loved it. I mean, it was spiffy because Candy Corn is my favorite Halloween Candy and razors played a big part in Halloween when I was a kid. All the parents freaked out that some psycho would put a razor blade in the candy they have away. So its the "Scary" part of my tattoo to the cute of the candy corn.

Well, a friend of mine pointed out that crack addicts use razors to separate their crack stash or whatever it is. So now I feel a bit foolish. But, as this was NOT my first thought and the dude did an AWESOME job. I still love it.

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