Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Shopping...AS IF! Also featuring Sailor Moon and Cake

Today was Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. When I woke up this morning I turned on the TV to the news and heard this little gem...a at Walmart on Black Friday ran into Walmart when the doors opened and sprayed everyone behind her in the face with pepper spray. read that right. I hope her ass if comfortable in jail right now and she is banned from any future black friday events.

I have never been a black friday shoppers, as I have worked since I was 18 in retail jobs. Therefore I am on the OTHER end of things. Most recently, and by recently I mean 4 years ago. I worked at The Body Shop in Alaska at the 5th Ave mall. It was totally fun, I worked the morning shift and we had to go to the bank to drop of money SO MANY TIMES. It was insane. But people shopping at The Body Shop were pretty cool people. I don't remember anything horrible happening.

But, as I said I have never been into Black Friday shopping. Until today...except I didn't go for shopping I had a bill to pay at Nordstroms. So I merrily went to Nordy Racks to pay said bill. I parked in the yonder far area so that I wouldn't have to fight anyone for a parking space *this was at 2pm mind you* and went to pay my bill. I had to wait for 25 min to pay a bill. Good thing I brought my kindle. And if you are wondering why I choose today to pay the bill...well it was due today and if I didn't I would get a 35 dollar charge. But I'm not complaining, it was my own fault.

SOOOO! I go back outside after my line waiting and bill paying and go to my car. Some DOUCHE bag *I should have taken a picture* had parked so FUCKING close to me I couldn't even get into the driver side seat. I had to crawl over the passenger side seat and the middle bit to get into my car. So I wrote a nice little note *should have taken a pic of that too* this is what it said:

Dear Jerk, thank you SO much for parking so DAMN close to me. Please learn how to park better in the future. Just so you know I have to get into my car through the passenger side. Otherwise I would have dented your car. You're WELCOME!

That was my note. Also, while writing this note, another car came and parked beside douche bag car. It was a mustang and took up TWO FREAKIN spots. I should have written him a note as well. Damn. I was dumb today.

On the plus side I did one TINY thing of Black Friday shopping. I went to the mall and parked in the boonies and no one parked to close or annoyed me and went to Hot Topic *really I wanted soap from Bath and Body Shop and I wanted the deals* but popped into Hot Topic and TO MY DELIGHT! Found Sailor Moon SHIRTS! It was awesome. Way awesome. I bought two and then came home and bought a third for my guy friend Nelson online. He'll get his this coming week. We Sailor Moon Sweethearts to the core. And a huge button with a slice of cake on it that says: You want a Piece of Me? on it for my Chef. He hates cupcakes and since I found a slice of cake I thought he would like it.

Did anyone else have a black friday story?


  1. I don't know of a damn thing at Wal-Mart I would be willing to pepper-spray anyone over. That is disturbing.

  2. If there were animals in trouble inside of walmart...I would pepper spray the people being mean to them. And yes, that woman was CRAZY! Who does that? Think of how much money she has to pay in medical bills now! TOTALLY black friday for her.