Friday, November 4, 2011

Crazy Things, Weird Things, Stupid People

This is just a short random post. Because recently people have been REALLY stupid! No one I know...just random people that I happen to see.

Story One:
Old Biddy Lady in Target Parking Lot:

I've just backed out of my spot in the parking lot of target and am waiting while another person *old biddy lady* pulls out so I can be on my merry way. There was a nice random dude who had gotten out of his car and was walking towards the entrance, he was behind crazy lady and continued to walk. Probably because HE HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY! She doesn't stop pulling out. I'm sitting there wondering if I should pull my phone out now so that when she hits this poor guy I can call the cops and take a pic of her car. Guy walks by and lady STILL doesn't stop to let him walk by. In fact she keeps backing out and is INCHES away from him. *if this had been me I would have smacked the shit out of her car*. THEN! Get this...she STARES at him and shakes her head in annoyance like having a pedestrian walk by your car is a Federal offence. I didn't want her to hit this guy but if she had even just TAPPED him with her car I would have taken her picture and called the cops and been all up in her ass about her behavior. Stupid people like that scare me. Sigh.

Story Two:
Cute Asian Lady With Fanny Pack At Store and HELLISH Child...

So I'm at the store *not Target* and I'm walking around getting my things and I keep running into this lady. She's an older Asian lady, clearly she speaks both English and whatever sort of language. She also has a bratty child in tow, who went into a fit over EVERYTHING! I don't know what her relationship was to this child, but I felt so badly for her.

So thats been my rant. Sorry, but the first one really annoyed me.


  1. Annoying people make me want to bang my head against a wall. Or THEIR head against a wall. I am undecided on this.

  2. I know! Me too! I think they all need a time out rock. In the middle of the ocean...