Friday, November 18, 2011

The Evil Queen

As a little girl I was always obsessed with the Princess. The girl who was more beautiful then words could describe, sweet as a spring strawberry, soft spoken and perfect. All little girls wish to be the Princess of the story, the one who gains true love, who surpasses all the hardships that are thrown her way or rather rescued.

But now that I am older I find myself wondering if perhaps the Evil Queen didn't ever have it right? No. I don't condone killing children to eat their hearts and be beautiful. But the Queen always strive to be better then what she was...for better or worse. She never took no for an answer. She had gumption. She was sassy and strong. She may not have been nice...but how many of us are truly nice out there.

I know I'm not always nice. I may have a candy coated exterior that I show to most people. But I, like the Queen am not perfect. I do not think I am beautiful or smart, I am...content with who I am. Of course I would love to be better then I am, but at what price? What is the price to be more beautiful? To be smarter? To be loved by everyone? Who knows.

I guess I just wish I was the Queen and the Princess. A balance of both of them. Of course I desire a Prince to save me from it all...but I know for a fact that I'll most likely have to do that on my own. Where does my path lead? Is it good or bad? I hope its what I wish for. No more or less then that.

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