Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Which One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other? Ankylosaurus...Spock *new one*,Sheldon and Chris

I just needed a spiffy Title name. But ALL three of these things will be included in my blog. Which one of these things is not like the other? I mean I guess the Ankylosaurus could be gay...I've never met one. Also...Sheldon isn't gay...but there is  this HUGE rumor going around that Jim Parsons is *Please Jim Parsons, say it ain't so and marry me! I will make you tasty treats!*

Totally random that was. See, now I'm Yoda. But I digress, here goes. I find myself mostly in love with Gay men. I actually have a gay boyfriend that I currently share with another friend. We all live together in our heads and we're probably like Three's Company with much more shaving of legs, drinks, Pan Am, Pandas and Ankylosaurus.

Sadly I am not a man or gay *which wouldn't make any difference cus then I would like girls* but you get the point. But all in all I would love to marry either Jim Parsons or Chris Colfer or Zachry Quinto. Sigh. Can I marry them all? Just because they are adorable and wonderful.

As for the Ankylosaurus I am totally into Terra Nova and last night there was a baby one and I feel in love with it. This morning in the locker room at school my friend Cara *who I share Nelson *our gay boyfriend* with* and Dillyn were talking about the random animals they wanted. Cara wants a miniature cow *which Dillyn can totally hook her up with. Her 4 year old cousin breeds them I guess* and Dillyn wants a half horse half zebra mix. Well I told them I wanted a baby Ankylosaurus. I think I won THAT game.

Also today was a crap day because She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was an UBER bitch and she really needs to be just taken out. She decided to hate on poor Brandon and then myself. I'd like to punch her in the face. Or just scream at her really loudly. And I don't mean scream with words...I just mean...Godzilla is coming and I am screaming kinda scream. I loathe her. She needs to get brought down to size.

So that was my day. I still need a baby Ankylosaurus and Sheldon, and Spock and Chris. Also I love my friends. They always make life spiffy.


  1. I hope you get that Ankylosaurus...and those guys turn un-gay. ;)


  2. I DID get the Ankylosaurus! He came in the mail the other day!!! He's lovely. I need to rewatch Terra Nova to get the name of the baby one on the show. And I too wish those guys would become un-gay...or that they will just marry me and let me live with them and cook for them. :-D