Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, or if you're my Chef from Germany...Happy Extra Days Off Day since you don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But we still love you! <3

I'm spending Thanksgiving with my mother, I normally do every Thanksgiving but this time its just the two of us. She's been sick. But not to worry, she's fine. We haven't spent a Thanksgiving alone since I was five. And this is the first Thanksgiving I've had with my cats. So its kinda fun and interesting. But I do miss my family. Especially my cousin Kevin. We've become pretty good friends over the last few years, we're a lot alike just as our parents *his dad, my mom* are alike. We were supposed to go see him and my two other cousins and my aunt and uncle in Florida for the holiday, but my mom was just to sick to go. So next year I hope. We need to make Moist Makers the day after and go to Harry Potter World. Also, I need to talk him into getting a tattoo. :-D

So, I am thankful for my family, my kitties and getting the opportunity to go to Italy with a Michelin Star Chef and a very good friend. This year has of course had its ups and downs, but its been pretty spiffy.

Also, I'll have a detailed blog about my Thanksgiving day Feast. Its pretty Epic.

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