Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Weird Day

So my day went: went to lay down upstairs around 9ish something. There was a cat in my bed. *now, to be clear this cat is actually my cat, not so random cat from nowhere* So I slept beside her, kinda squishing her. She stayed with me for quite awhile and then jumped down. Then around noon she came and woke me up. I thought for I was all okay I'll get up. Its noon. So I went to the bathroom and came out...and she was in my bed again!!!!!! It was ALL A RUSE!!!! She wanted no food from me. Only my bed. Dorkus.

Aso I had dreams about leprechauns and alien was kinda freaky...

So then I fed the dude *this is my boy cat* cus he wanted food and get the ring to mail out and went on my way.

Went to Shell to get gas and we got .30 cents off and some older dude was in front of me with his huge truck, told me I needed to ground myself if I go and sit in the car and then get out to remove the gas thingy. It was very weird. He also said that because its colder now and we wear so much clothes and we don't ground ourselves before we remove the pump thingy that the static will cause the car to explode...I was ONLY WEARING jeans and a quarter length sleeve sweater...So then I get back INTO the car and old man answers his cell his car...while the gas is pumping. Umm...dude....the is clearly a sign that says that the STATIC from your PHONE will cause the car to explode good luck with that.

Then I dropped off the ring, then went to Verizon. I was 5th in line...there was this old lady who sorta cut infront of me, but I didn't mind. She was older and freaking out about her new phone. She didn't know how to find the numbers for the missed calls that she had, and wanted a phone without a key board. She was told that would cost she decided to keep the key board.  The dude told me that I needed to clean out my something or other from my phone and he showed me how to do it. I forgot to ask about Italy, and I looked to see if I could pay the bill. It told me no. *PS, I was having issues texting...*

Then I went to CVS to get my shot. I also asked the lady about allergies and she said the only thing they could prescribe was Allegra. She seemed really surprised that I took benedryl around the clock and it still didn't help. Sigh. But she gave me my shot...and I didnt feel it! But I was the shot in my left arm. And she saw my big tattoo and said she didn't want to do it, she wanted to do it in the left where there were holes in the tattoo *hee hee* so I could see if I had any aggravation from the shot. *Like allergic?*

Then I was all: CRAP! Now that she told my body that there COULD be an issue with this shot, it will have an issue with it. Sigh. So fingers crossed. But yeah. Didn't feel it at all, she was very good at it. Now my arm is hurting a bit. Now I'm at home and I checked the mail and still no bill and no turkey day magazines. I think our mail man is stealing or something. Who knows.

*PS, if this post is a bit weird...its actually an email I sent to someone...But its still funny*

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